Primary Market Venture Fund

DFG makes equity investments in promising cryptocurrency and blockchain companies in North America and Europe. The Fund strategy is to achieve growth through medium to long term investments in blockchain infrastructure and applications, including exchanges, wallets, and payment systems. Since 2016, the Fund has made 14 investments.

Prometheus Venture Fund

A new $50M fund actively investing in cryptocurrencies and digital assets to take advantage of the next phase of dynamic market growth. The fund builds upon DFG’s success and expertise in crypto trading since 2015, deep market knowledge, and unique access to Asian and global markets.

OTC Trading Desk

OTC Trading Desk is mainly engaged in customer-to-customer over-the-counter trading of digital currencies. It enables people to accomplish transactions between fiat money/stable currency and mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, ETC and so on.

With the support from DFG, digital currency supply from mining hubs, important big-volume buyers & sellers and rich experience, OTC Trading Desk is very helpful for institutions or platforms that want to invest in digital currencies. More importantly, it can ensure secure, instant, and large trades at a reasonable price.

OTC Trading Desk is well-recognized and reputed amongst digital currency enthusiasts, and has attracted many like-minded companies and individuals to collaborate with it.

Futures Exchange and Clearing House

Futures Exchange and Clearing House specializes in digital asset/cryptocurrency futures contracts, providing customers with a full range of trading and settlement services. Futures Exchange and Clearing House is the first and only licensed futures exchange in Abu Dhabi, regulated by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA). Futures Exchange and Clearing House offers contracts on mainstream digital assets and tokens to traders, hedge funds, and market makers from around the globe.

Investment Team

James Wo, Chairman & Founder

James Wo, Chairman & Founder

  • Responsible for the strategic direction of the firm
  • An experienced cryptocurrency and blockchain investor and entrepreneur. He is an crypto and blockchain enthusiast and committed to support the whole ecosystem. He is also founder of DFG Primary Market Venture Fund and SEO of Futures Exchange and Clearing House. He earned his B.A. from Fudan University and a graduate degree in statistics from Columbia University.
Terry Culver, CEO, USA & Director

Terry Culver, CEO, USA & Director

  • Responsible for business development and U.S. investments
  • 20 years experience in capital raising and international affairs. He is Senior Advisor, Columbia University School of International & Public Affairs, and former Associate Dean. He is a former United Nations policy advisor in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. His education includes a B.A. & Master’s from NYU, an MBA from Columbia University Business School (2019), and executive programs at Stanford and MIT.
Leon Liu, CFO & Director

Leon Liu, CFO & Director


  • Responsible for trading and investment, and finance
  • 25+ years experience in finance as a trader and investor. He is the former CFO of Aijian Securities, a brokerage with more than 700 employees and $500M in annual revenue. He is a former options trader, and Executive Director, General Manager, and Controller of Marseille Capital, an investment firm with $350M AUM. He is a former research chemist. He is a graduate of Fudan University.

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  • DFG accepts investment from accredited investors as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). For more information, visit: https://www.sec.gov/files/ib_accreditedinvestors.pdf