We have an institutional regulation-forward mindset in a market of individual traders and bring scale to real-time market research. With a strong focus on digital assets and blockchain, we now have three fund sectors. The Token Fund and the Equity Fund are internally raised capital, while the Polkadot Eco Fund is currently raising external capital as well as having internally raised capital

Polkadot Eco Fund
Equity Fund
Crypto Fund

The Polkadot protocol and its underlying projects go hand in hand with DFG’s core mission of building a better future for digital assets, working together to address issues that affect technological scenarios across a varied number of industries.

Additionally DFG has been added to the Huobi Polkadot ecosystem listing recommendation panel and the Polkastarter Governance Council.

DFG provides strong support to ETC Labs and the core development team.

Ethereum Classic Labs Accelerator provides technical support for blockchain and digital asset startups from the ETC developer community. Each project receives mentorship and support for business strategy, venture funding development, networking, and investor introductions.

Teams receive support on a weekly basis for 3 – 6 months focusing on business strategy, Ethereum Classic and blockchain tooling, pitch polishing, networking, and introductions. The remote sessions include 1:1 check-ins and office hours with ETC mentors.

  • Capital Support
  • Desk Space
  • Mentorship
  • Networking
  • Business Strategy
  • Access to Core Dev Team
Team Members
  • James Wo
  • Terry Culver
  • Joanna Liang
  • Grace Gui
  • Feng Han
  • Alejandro Larralde
Service Providers
Cohort I
Cohort II
Cohort III

ETC Core blockchain expert developers are leaders on building with the tools in the Ethereum Classic protocol

  • Tooling

    Using fundamental specifications, tooling suites, and resources, ETC Core delivers open-source tooling for the Ethereum Classic ecosystem.

  • Protocol

    ETC Core actively supports the development of the ETC protocol and champions improvement specifications for adoption and maintaining Multi-Geth.

  • EVM

    ETC Core is committed to maximizing the capabilities of the EthereumStack through the EVM-LLVM project and compiler improvement initiatives.

Team Members
  • Lead Client Developer
  • Core-Geth Developer
  • Client Developer