Founded in 2015, Digital Finance Group (DFG) specializes in cryptocurrency, digital assets, and blockchain technology. DFG manages a range of investments, including a hedge fund for trading cryptocurrencies and digital assets across exchanges and geographies; and a venture capital fund with equity investments in blockchain companies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. DFG operates an OTC exchange, a futures exchange, and several businesses that provide blockchain solutions for custody and payments. In addition, DFG is committed to growing the blockchain ecosystemby supporting the necessary infrastructure and high-potential blockchain projects. It owns OTC and futures exchanges, and a number of enterprises, which provide management  and payment solutions on the blockchain.

We have a proven track record of success in trading and in growing early stage companies. We have performed in volatile markets. We have developed specialized expertise, market access, and knowledge. DFG is uniquely positioned to grow during the next phase of market development, to foster viable applications of the technology, and to deliver exceptional results.

Competitive Advantage


A long-established leader with deep market knowledge and insights.


A strong team of seasoned professionals with global finance, venture fund management, and quantitative analysis expertise; and a team of blockchain developers and experts who provide analysis regarding high-value, cutting-edge technology.


A vibrant network in the Asian and global markets among entrepreneurs, developers, and exchanges resulting in proprietary deal flow.